Nss & Ncc
Unity can make India Powerful & Great.
Aim of National Scheme
Development of students's personality by the source of social welfare.
  1. Work togather with people.
  2. Inclined one's self in creative & constructive way in social work.
  3. Increase the knowledge of assemblave & one's self.
  4. By self use of practical splendour insolving the problems.
  5. To achieve the ability in the activation of Democratic leadership.
  6. To make capable, one's self in getting the job in development programme.
  7. To abolish the distance between educated & un-educated.
  8. Self yearning a way for the help of poor class of assemblage.
  9. To give national unity, a creative form / look / appearance.
  10. To develop the skillful ability, In the moment of natural disaster & crisis, and to provide the protection to life style.
  There Are Two Companies in this   college
  I Unit And II Unit.
  I Unit N.S.S officer - Dr. Dhirendra   Kumar.
  II Unit N.S.S officer - Dr. Usha Rani.
N.C.C In College
There Are Two Companise In This College 05/30 and 04/30.
05/30 - A. No. - Associate N.C.C officer Lt. - Ajay Kumar.
04/30 - A. No. - Lt. - Raju Mochi.
Our N.C.C Cadets Have Participated In R.D. Parade also.